Scooter Braun Defends Making Pedophile Joke About Justin Bieber

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This seems like a weird move for Justin Bieber‘s own manager. Scooter Braun posted (then deleted) a meme that showed J.B. at the beginning of his career v. Justin now. The meme read, “Justin Bieber 2020 looks like he’s trying to convince Justin Bieber 2009 to get into his van.” Scooter captioned the post, writing, “… down by the river! #theinternetwinsagain,” tagging his client. Though he ultimately deleted the post, he did initially try to defend it when fans pointed out that it was tone-deaf.

One person commented: “Why on earth would you post this…….” and Scooter wrote back, “because Justin and I like to laugh and not take sh*t too serious. We are all too blessed to sit in negativity and hate. Better to be kind and laugh together and at ourselves.” Sure, it’s all well and good to laugh about J.B.’s ever-changing looks (and mustache that even wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber “can’t stand”), but perhaps joking about pedophilia isn’t the best way to lighten the mood.

Once Scooter likely realized what kind of backlash the meme could instigate, he deleted the post from his Instagram page. Gone without a trace. Right? Wrong. Lucky for us, once something is on the internet, it’s never *really* erased (a good safety lesson, as well), especially because fans love to screenshot anything controversial.

This isn’t the first time that Scooter has mocked Justin’s mustache, either. Scooter himself has poked fun at his own “dad jokes,” but it looks like this time, the manager went too far.

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