Selena Gomez Fans Want Justin & Hailey Bieber To Leave Her Alone After Hailey’s Recent Tweet

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When you think of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber), you probably can’t help but think about Selena Gomez. After all, the dating timeline of the Biebs with both of these starlets is irrefutably interconnected. Justin and Sel dated first and were each other’s first loves (Hailey even shipped it), but J and H were friends for a long time before they started dating on-and-off, something he and Sel did the past few years, as well. Things were made even more complicated at the end of 2017 when Justin and Selena got back together for a few months after the “Come and Get It” singer’s breakup with The Weeknd. Soon after her post for J.B.’s birthday on Instagram, Justin and Hailey were hanging out again, weeks after that, Justin and Hailey were engaged, and less than a year after Justin and Selena reconciled, Hailey had a new name and she and J.B. had tied the knot. So, yeah, it’s complicated.

Then, this weekend, Hailey responded to haters with one simple line: “I just wish people knew my heart.”

These tweets came after Justin Bieber posted a Snapchat where he accidentally revealed he’d been watching Selena Gomez’s Coachella performance, though he later claimed the video just came up after he and his wife were watching J.B.’s collab with Ariana Grande (the controversial one, remember?). “The video of selena singing taki taki came up [after] my wife and i watched my coachella performance,” he wrote on Instagram.

Here’s the thing about Hailey’s tweet, though — besides the fact that some wanted to point out a series of racist and cruel things she allegedly posted on the internet — “I just wish people knew my heart” is kind of Selena’s thing. Don’t believe us?

In this interview from last week on Coach’s Dream It Real podcast, Selena says, “I always say this and maybe I repeated it too much, but I don’t really think people know my heart.”

In 2014, she explained her American Music Awards performance, saying, “When I had the intention behind the performance, I knew that I wanted it to be all of me. Somebody asked me a while ago, ‘What’s the one thing you wish people knew about you?’ And I said I wanted it to be my heart.”

…and when she was speaking with the host of C4 in 2014 she said, “When it comes to a lot of attention… I want people to know my heart because I freak out!”, then later, she was talking about her new (at the time) album Revival, and mentioned, “It’s my time to be heard and I have an opinion and I want to be able to share my heart, so I feel great.”

On the other hand, Justin has also said his own iteration of the phrase on several occasions, like in this 2015 article with I-D, “So it’s like, you have the world who’s loving you but it’s not like they know my heart, they don’t know me.”

So maybe Hailey picked it up from her hubby and not her hubby’s ex? Honestly, who knows? More honestly, who cares? After all, Justin and Hailey are together; Justin and Selena are not. And while there are a whole lot of people who would have you believe that anyone who is hating on Hailey Bieber is doing it because they stan Jelena, there’s an even bigger portion of Selena fans who just want the “Boyfriend” hitmaker and top model to leave Selena out of it.

“[I’m] not saying him constantly responding to fans about Selena recently is promo [for his new clothing line] but it’s starting to seem that way,” one Selena stan, Daniel, told thewhisp. “Hailey has a track record of shading Selena online and then copying her style, outfits, hair… tattoos and now she went as far as copying Selena’s most famous quote.” The fan continued, “Hailey and Justin keep pushing the narrative that we want Selena and Justin back together but that couldn’t further from the truth … We want Selena far away from them. [O]ur problem is their extremely annoying obsession with Selena.”

Daniel’s not the only one feeling this way:

There are more important things to worry about than whether some guy internet stalked his ex-girlfriend, and Selena herself has said time and time again that she’s sick of always being defined by her relationships and former flames. Are you *really* telling me you’ve never looked up recent photos of your ex? That’s what I thought.

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