Selena Gomez Looks Happy In First Pic After Mental Health Treatment Program

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Selena Gomez looks happy in her first public sighting since she entered a mental health treatment program in October. The “Back To You” singer has been on a social media hiatus since September, but friends Bailee Madison and Connar Franklin shared photos of Selena on a ski vacation where she rolled squad-deep on the slopes.

Selena has gone through some rough sh*t in the past few years due to complications with her chronic autoimmune disease, lupus. In 2016, Selena went on a break from the spotlight to undergo chemotherapy to treat the disease and ended up in a facility to learn to cope with her diagnosis, which comes with side effects including anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Only a year later, Selena underwent a kidney transplant related to the disorder and re-entered a treatment program for depression and anxiety in February 2018. Most recently, Selena’s low white blood cell count led to two hospitalizations and the panic attack that put her back into an in-patient program in October. Her treatment included dialectical behavioral psychotherapy (DBT), which she’s advocated for in the past. Her hospitalization also came only weeks after her on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin in September.

“DBT has completely changed my life,” she told Vogue in 2017. “I wish more people would talk about therapy. We girls, we’re taught to be almost too resilient, to be strong and sexy and cool and laid-back, the girl who’s down. We also need to feel allowed to fall apart.”

Selena’s tight-knit group of friends has been well-documented on her Instagram, including their trips to get matching tattoos and boating birthday bashes, but the singer has addressed her mental health amongst her highlight-reel feed.

“This page is my highlights and a few low lights. I post what I am willing to share with you guys. I hear people say all the time that they wish they had someone else’s life based on a few pictures.. we all do it,” Selena wrote in a post on August 20. “But this is me sharing some happy moments with you guys. Trust me, my life isn’t always this filtered and flowery… We are all on our own journey.”

Selena repped her famous BFF Taylor Swift on the slopes, rocking a Reputation World Tour hoodie (we see you, Sel!).

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Selena Gomez is an icon, and not just because she’s so beautiful. Selena is a mental health awareness warrior queen, the empress of strong female friendships, and unapologetically lives her life as she wants to live it. We’re glad she’s feeling better and wish her an easy journey through the rest of her recovery.

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