Selena Gomez Promotes Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear Line Despite Taylor Swift Feud

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… Don’t worry, this is *not* that big of a deal. Selena Gomez is enjoying her NYC promotional tour for her new singles “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now.” She took a quick break to snap a mirror selfie of the “legit so comfortable” shapewear she was wearing, Skims, which just so happens to be Kim Kardashian‘s line. Considering Kim and her (apparently anti-abortion) husband Kanye West are public enemy number one for Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift, Swifties came at Selena hard.

This comes just days after Selena sung Taylor’s praises for being there for her during the ups and downs these past few years as Selena has recorded and re-recorded different versions of her second studio album. Selena told Elle magazine, “[Taylor] was frustrated when I was frustrated; she was sad when I was sad … I think [my friends] visibly saw me in so much pain. And they didn’t want it for me but they—sorry—they never stopped loving me.”

Taylor also supported Selena’s new track during a Beats1 radio interview, saying, “I’ve watched so much happen in her life and had a front-row seat to so much, and I’m so proud of her. She is such a revelation because now she’s making her best stuff.” She continued, “The things that she’s overcome, the situations she’s risen above, it’s been a long time since we were friends and she’s the best. She’s just the best. I’m really excited because when somebody has had great life experience, has had really tough things they’ve had to go through and they can process that and make art that’s going to help other people, that’s what kind of song [“Look At Her Now”] is.”

We all remember Taylor isn’t exactly Justin Bieber‘s biggest fan (now or when he was dating Selena), so SelGo’s blast on him in her music may’ve been cathartic for T.S., too.

But now Selena’s publicly supporting Kim K. and Swifties think it was a direct insult at their fave. Meanwhile, certain Selenators and Taylor Swift fans want to maintain the alliance and feel pretty certain Selena didn’t mean anything by the quick ‘gram.

What we really should be talking about is how Selena is clearly feeling herself… and how she’s not afraid to show off her (physical and emotional) scars. That’s bravery, that’s inspiring, and that’s probably something that Taylor Swift loves about her BFF. As Selena very recently reminded us, no one’s here for women dragging down women. MMMkay?

UPDATE: Selena Gomez Deletes Kim Kardashian Promo & Says She’s On Taylor Swift’s Side “For Life”

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