Selena Gomez Deletes Justin Bieber’s Birthday Post From Last Year Ahead Of Movie Premiere

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selena and justin


This feels kind of random but it seems like Selena Gomez is slowly wiping her Instagram clear of her ex Justin Bieber, as displayed by her deleting Justin Bieber’s birthday post that she published last March. The one in question was at the time thought to be a confirmation that they were on-again after they’d been seen hanging out for months prior.

The image was of Selena with a Polaroid on her forehead and captioned, “March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.”

Sel fans reported that the post had gone MIA (maybe not deleted, but archived as Instagram now lets you do?) which seems pretty fitting considering the “Good For You” singer is starting a new era soon. Her second studio album is speculated to come later this year and she was recently seen at Cannes promoting her new flick with Bill Murray, The Dead Don’t Die — which premieres this week.

This seems like a good move. As everyone in the world knows (probably), Selena and Justin ended their reunion tour of church outings and hockey games early in 2018, less than six months later, he was married to his other on-again-off-again girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. Now, one kidney transplant later, she’s not only surviving but she’s THRIVING and her fans (on her behalf) are begging Justin and Hailey to keep Sel out of their mouths. She’s backing them up by getting rid of JB in her Instagram mentions and cleansing that negative energy from her life.

Remember when Ariana Grande made up with all of her exes and “evolved” her Pete Davidson tattoo just before embarking on her sweetener / thank u, next tour? Yeah, seems like Selena is doing the same thing and we love it.

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