Fans Think Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams Only Got Engaged Because Of The Cat Controversy

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Congratulations, Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams! The two YouTubers announced their engagement on social media last night and the pics are cute as hell. Shane popped the question and got someone to capture the moment with a (blurry) pic, then he and Ryland took teary-eyed selfies to share with the world. You can check ’em out here:

The couple seems completely enthused and Shane said it was “THE BEST NIGHT OF [HIS] LIFE” in a tweet. Ryland echoed the sentiments.

And while fellow YouTubers like James Charles and Trisha Paytas were wishing the couple congrats, some fans believe something a little ~fishy~ is going. Basically, they’re asking themselves (and the Twitterverse), “Why now?”

Those who follow YouTuber drama will remember that just a couple days ago Shane was publicly slammed after one of his old podcasts resurfaced in which he claims that he has sex with / ejaculated on his cat.

Shane, who has been caught up in controversy a few times after old videos with unsavory jokes come to light again, apologized for ever making the video and said he’s since stopped doing “shock-style comedy” where he’d lie to get attention and views. Hate to say it, but it clearly worked for him — the guy has over 21 million YouTube subscribers.

So now, fans are saying that there’s a chance that Shane only got down on one knee to reclaim the conversation about him. From “cat-f*cker” to “happily engaged gay man,” as far as the public is concerned? Only time will tell…

Other fans, however, are calling shenanigans on the conspiracy theory and think it’s messed up for anyone to even think that two people would get engaged just to keep people from talking $h!t.

Personally, we’re going to reserve judgment until we’ve got more information… and possibly some receipts.

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