Why People Think Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Relationship Is A Publicity Stunt

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Over the weekend, Shawn Mendes put an end to the rumors that he and Camila Cabello are in a relationship. Last Saturday, a fan asked Shawn during a Q&A whether he was dating Camila or not — he answered with a shake of his head and that was that. So why TF have pictures surfaced of him and Camila frolicking around LA hand-in-hand? We smell a publicity stunt, everyone.

The singers stepped out for brunch in LA yesterday and were photographed laughing, smiling, hugging, holding hands — the works! The appearance has come shortly after Camila attended Shawn’s LA concert on Friday night, during which she publicly shouted out the 20-year-old’s “amazing” performance on Instagram.

Instagram / Camila Cabello via PEOPLE

There’s no denying that the photos of the two look at little fishy. If Shawn has blatantly been denying any romantic involvement with Camila, then why step out in broad daylight holding hands for some extremely staged-looking paparazzi photos? It doesn’t add up to us, and fans of the singer and the former Fifth Harmony member aren’t buying it either.

One Twitter user reacted to the pictures by asking “Why are they randomly hugging on the street tho?” Which is so fair. Another said: “Sooo I’m guessing we’re all just pretending it’s not PR?”

Other fans are also noting the similarities between the photos taken of Shawn and Camila yesterday and pap shots of him and Hailey Baldwin when they were spotted out together in December 2017. At the time, lots of people were convinced Shawn and Hailey’s relationship was fake, and we all know how that relationship worked out for him and Mrs. Bieber.

These paparazzi photos have come just days after other pics of the two surfaced in which Shawn can be seen eyeing up the camera while he grabs Camila’s hand.

It wouldn’t be far fetched at all to think this a press stunt that Shawn and Camila are pulling. They recently released a single together, “Señorita,” which was accompanied by a steamy music video, and both singers have also been teasing new music soon. It’s just all too coincidental …

It should also be noted that both Shawn and Camila have been very private about their actual past relationships, having gone out of their way to ensure they were never photographed in public with their other halves. Camila was in a relationship with her ex, Matthew Hussey, for over a year and they were RARELY spotted out together.

So, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello could be very much in love — don’t get us wrong! But the evidence makes it seem … not likely. Do you think it’s all for show?

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