Shawn Mendes Joins John Mayer On Instagram Live As He Mocks Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Mocked John Mayer Shawn Mendes

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WTF, Shawn Mendes? Fans were already P.O.’d that the “Treat You Better” crooner hadn’t defended Taylor Swift amid her most recent drama with Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta, and Big Machine Records (especially because his remix of Tay’s “Lover” dropped last week), and now he’s making matters worse.

Camila Cabello‘s boyfriend joined Taylor’s ex John Mayer during Instagram Live and sat idly by as the inspiration for “Dear John” made fun of Taylor.

“Love the song,” he started. “I really like the song. I get a little chuckle because she says, ‘We can keep the Christmas lights up ‘til January.’ And I go, ‘You’re insane. Everyone keeps their Christmas lights up until January.'”

Shawn does press John a little, saying, “But you like the song,” and John agrees that he does, but fans were irritated that Shawn would profit off of a “Lover” remix, not stand up for Taylor publicly, and then go on her ex’s IG and listen to him make fun of her a bit.

Taylor Swift hasn’t spoken out about the dig, but TBH, she’s got bigger fish to fry. This feud with Scott and Scooter over her masters, her Netflix documentary, and her AMA’s performance isn’t going to be an easy road and she needs to save her energy. Luckily, Swifties have her back and are more than happen to call Shawn Mendes TF out over him hanging with her ex, being a bystander to him mocking her, all the while letting his position on her being screwed over by her former record label remain a secret.

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