Shay Mitchell Says Pregnancy Is “Really… Lonely” & Announces New Reality Series

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YouTube / Shay Mitchell

Looks like Sasha Pieterse is going to have to put those YouTube collab plans on hold for a minute because her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell is PREGNANT. The 32-year-old actress announced her pregnancy with boyfriend Matte Babel on Instagram with a complete glam semi-nude shot — taking a hint from stars like Britney Spears, Kourtney Kardashian, and Serena Williams, among others — and accompanied it with a revealing YouTube video that documents just how long she’s been hiding this secret.

In the video, the You actress shows different events and social media posts where she was hiding her growing baby bump, saying “I’m going to be so happy when this comes out. I can be pregnant! I can not suck my stomach in.” But she also points out the downsides of her pregnancy journey. “Months of hiding has been a really lonely journey… I think pregnancy is awesome for the most part but it’s also really f*cking lonely.” Though she says that, Matte is shown frequently in the video being so supportive and very sweet.

The news comes just six months after Shay announced she’d had a miscarriage, which is perhaps why she said, “I didn’t want to come out on social media so early on.” She had revealed her miscarriage on January first by showing an ultrasound with a broken heart emoji.

Her new series Almost Ready debuts July 17, and that’s pretty much the only info that she gives us about it. But we still can’t wait!

You can watch the YouTube video / trailer below!


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