Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, & GF Dianne Buswell Have Cute Double Date

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Zoe Sugg and Joe Sugg are sibling goals. Better known as Zoella and Thatcher Joe, the pair went on another epic double date with their significant others, fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes aka Pointless Blog and professional dancer Dianne Buswell the weekend after Valentine’s Day.

The quartet’s last double date was extravagantly epic, with their Christmas-themed outing to The Yews at Chewton Glen Treehouse costing *at minimum* $3,500. Their February outing was a little more low-key with a nice day at the beach and some boxing, according to Dianne’s gushing Insta post.

According to the internet, “slacklining” is British for walking a tight rope, so y’all know the couples had an exciting beach day together. Where was our invite? We could slack line for y’all! We could box! We could spend 52 USD on a claw machine! The quartet also introduced a new member to their ever-growing Sugg family, Americano the stuffed sloth. Alfie may not have won the glitter ball, but he won something a million times more special: Americano the Sloth.

Alfie and Zoella have been together for what seems like forever (nearly six years), but Joe and Dianne only announced their whirlwind romance in December 2018 after finishing the Strictly Come Dancing final. Dianne has totally been adopted to the fold, and Joe’s Instagram page is basically just a shrine to their love. Zoella, always the supportive sister, embraced Dianne like she was Zoella’s own sister, and Dianne seemed glad for the companionship before starting rehearsals for the female-focused Strictly Come Dancing tour “Bring On The Girs” in the morning on February 19.

Unlike the group’s prohibitively expensive Christmas outing, this beach trip would be so easy to recreate. All you need is a beach, a pier, and good company. Take notes, kiddos!

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