Bella Thorne & Tana Mongeau Might Be Hooking Up Again After Thirsty Instagrams

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Instagram/ Tana Mongeau

Bella Thorne is going through a pretty nasty breakup right now, and it looks like she’s using her ex Tana Mongeau as a shoulder to cry on… or a potential rebound. The actress and YouTube star appear to be in contact again after they both split from their respective boyfriends last month. The two have been replying to each other’s tweets, commenting on Instagram pics, and also addressing each other in their Instagram Stories — like, constantly. The thirst is real; that’s all we’ll say.

Bella posted a picture of herself drunk in a pool to her Instagram yesterday with the caption “When u wake up and forget about the million drunk photos u took last night, yes the mogul takes days off and gets drunk I know I know, that never happens.” Tana commented with a simple, yet THIRSTY “JESUS,” to which Bella said, “come over.” Then Tana shared the exchange to her Instagram Story, just in case you might have missed it!

Instagram / Bella Thorne

Bella then went onto her Insta Stories to shout out Tana, saying that she was looking at her pictures and asking where she was. Tana reshared the story with the caption: “wanna f*ck?” Subtle as ever, ladies!!

Bella continued to fuel rumors by sharing screenshots of texts between her and Tana that *allude* to the fact they’re hanging out again… and that Tana might be messing around a little bit. From the screenshots, it looks like Tana was the one to text Bella first, and Bella’s all like, “why are you texting me?” AKA whats your GAME, TANA??

Twitter stans are begging the girls to get back together after all this teasing. Is it just for clout though? We’ll never know.

Tana and Bella dated for a little over a year while also dating their exes, Mod Sun and Brad Sousa. They seemed to break up on pretty good terms, with no public bashing and drama, so it wouldn’t be super unlikely for the gals to give their relationship another go. Tana’s been romantically linked with Jake Paul for a few weeks and Bella was tagged in a rather intimate photo with Benjamin Mascolo that lead to dating rumors. That said, both women have discussed their interest in polyamorous relationships, so they could be open. Who knows what these crazy gals will do next!

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