Tana Mongeau Is Banned For Life At A Casino & Fans Have Some Theories About Why

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Instagram: @tanamongeau

What did we do before we devoted our lives to following Tana Mongeau‘s every move? Seriously, we can’t remember. Our favorite wild child YouTuber took to Twitter this weekend to tell the world that she is no longer welcome at any Wynn Properties casinos because she’s banned for life! Fans have some theories … and lots of questions.

It looks like Tana was in Vegas for the holiday weekend. (No word on whether fiancé Jake Paul was also there.) Though Tana only recently turned 21, she’s apparently been involved in enough shenanigans that she’s lost $1K and garnered a lifetime ban from one of Vegas’s biggest casinos.

Tana didn’t elaborate on what caused the ban. Fans replied to her tweet in order to request a video explaining the situation and share their theories on what the blonde star did to merit such strict action.

The theories ranged from tame to pretty wild, with some fans pointing out that Tana has been up to Vegas shenanigans for a long time.

Wynn Las Vegas did not immediately respond to our request for comment and Tana hasn’t responded to any of the rumors, either, but we’re hoping that we’ll get the full story sometime soon, either in a new video or in Tana’s upcoming MTV reality special Tana Turns 21, which airs tonight!

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