Thruple’s Over! Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne Confirm Breakup

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This is going to sound weird, but Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne were kind of the perfect couple. They dress like they only shop while tripping, they’re lowkey pretty hot, and they both make you wonder, “Do these girls have parents?” TBH if you find someone that’s okay with being part of a thruple, you should never let them go. Sadly, after months of speculation, Tana and Bella have officially confirmed their breakup.

People were first a little suspicious because Tana hasn’t posted any pics with Bella on Insta since Bella’s birthday in November. They were deff still together, since that whole “Did Bella actually propose to Tana?” thing happened in early January and Bella posted a weird eating video with Tana on Christmas Eve, but the aggressive drop-off in posts didn’t bode well. They’re not exactly a *private* couple.

Well, we now have an official answer about the status of the relationship. It’s not good, and the celebs took to Twitter to tell their fans to back off and let them grieve:

Fans on Twitter seem to think that the breakup happened when Tana started dating her BF Brad Sousa, but Tana seems to be taking the split pretty hard so IDK.

Tana ~officially~ started dating Brad in early December, around the time she stopped posting pics with Bella. But since Tana posted a vid about her breakups and her sexuality in early January and everything with Bella seemed fine, their breakup probably had nothing to do with the men in their lives. Tana had nothing but glowing things to say about Bella, echoing sentiments from her one-year anniversary post on Instagram where she referred to Bella as the love of her life.

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Bella’s still got her BF, too, rapper Mod Sun, but their pictures are way less cute so we’re sad. I’m sure we’ll get all of the answers we’re craving when Tana finally makes a video about it in like eight months, or internet trolls were right and they were never really dating in the first place. Until then, Tana is still signed to Bella’s record label Filthy Fangs and it’s TBD as to whether she’ll stay signed to the label and we’ll have to suffer through more of her music.

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