Tana Mongeau Denies Getting A Boob Job Yet Again

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Instagram / Tana Mongeau

Like every influencer, Tana Mongeau is constantly being scrutinized on social media by fans and haters alike. For years now, people have been speculating on whether or not the 20-year-old has had a boob job — some are pretty convinced actually — but Tana shut down those rumors via her Instagram Stories in the most Tana way possible.

The YouTuber took to Instagram yesterday to show a zoomed-in video of her boobs while her friend shouts “Tana’s t*ts are fake!” from the backseat. On another clip she wrote the caption: “he keeps trying to spread rumors that my t*ts are fake.”

We know what you’re thinking: “this is just some fun between friends!” Well, Tana’s friend Imari isn’t the first to accuse her of having some plastic surgery done, whether he’s joking or not – her fans have been asking the question for some time now.

One of Tana’s fans, in particular, questioned whether or not the 20-year-old has had a boob job seeing as she used to swear by Victoria Secret’s Bombshell Bras which are made to make your boobs appear bigger.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time Tana has had to deny getting work done – back in 2017 she tweeted saying her boobs were real, but even back then people didn’t believe her.

How many times does the gal have to deny the rumor before people believe her?!

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