Tana Mongeau Says (Now) Ex-Boyfriend Brad Sousa “Brainwashed,” Manipulated, & Cheated On Her

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One thing you can always count on YouTuber Tana Mongeau for, it’s spilling the absolute TEA — even when it seems to be really painful for her. If you’ve seen on Twitter, several young women came out and said that her now-ex-boyfriend, Brad Sousa had been cheating on her for quite some time. In a new video that she says she was “uncomfortable to be filming,” she explained, “A lot of crazy sh*t happened at Coachella, and during it all, I ended up finding out a lot of really f*cked up stuff. I woke up the next day expecting to have a private breakup, and I get online to a bunch of screenshots from girls saying and showing a lot of stuff — some of it fake some of it not — going really viral about Brad.”

The video was in two parts, the introduction she filmed a few days after the initial breakup video when the pain wasn’t so fresh. She ultimately said that Brad “manipulated” and “brainwashed” her, claiming “my whole life is just doing a lot of sh*t for a lot of people and a lot of people walking all over me and I really didn’t expect him to be one of him.” In the first part of her video, she felt she maybe didn’t put enough of the blame on him and took a lot on herself.

Talking about her responsibility as an influencer, she said, “If they see their favorite YouTuber get cheated on and go back to the person right away, and just go right back and not stand up for themselves and not get treated the way they deserve, they might go back to that person,” she said. “I don’t want that.” She said her situation was similar to what Khloe Kardashian went through. “When Tristan cheated on her the first time, the whole world [was] like ‘bitch, what the f*ck are you doing? Dump him. You’re such an idiot for staying with him,’ and I was one of those people, you know? And now to be in such a similar position, it’s like I almost understand more why she still took him back. It’s sad and I f*cking hate me for it.” That said, she clarified, “This video is not made to crucify Brad. He’s a person who made a mistake.”

She continued, “I’m trying really hard to wake up every day and like, I feel like everyone just expects me to be this bad bitch — bad bitch energy, you know what I mean? … To boss up and move on, and I’m trying to do that… You don’t have to live life with anyone if they’re not respecting you or treating you right. But there [are] moments when I feel so weak and drained and sad and like I’m missing this half of me.”

Some may have thought that the two were in an open relationship because when they first started seeing each other, Tana’s girlfriend was Disney Channel star Bella Thorne, whose boyfriend was Mod Son. The three were thought to be in a throuple (three-way relationship), but fans noticed Tana taking some time away from Bella when she and Brad started spending more time together. Tana explained how their relationship coincided with her breakup with Bella and their decision to be monogamous. “I think the thing that really frustrates me and angers me the most is that I really wanted an open relationship. I was in the process of things with Bella being different and us taking a little break when I started getting close with Brad. I wasn’t really ready to be in a fully monogamous relationship, but he really, really wanted that. I feel like I knew at the time that he wouldn’t have dated me otherwise. Like he pretty much wanted all or nothing.”

In the end, despite explaining that she spent “tens of thousands of dollars” on Brad per day, and basically invented his whole career which made him even more money, and dropped a bunch of her friends because he wasn’t “the most secure” guy, she said, “I just miss Brad so much, but I guess the point of this video is just because you see me online and you see my followers and my tweets and drama channels… I’m not a photo and a bunch of words. I’m a person.”

“If he cheats on you, he ain’t sh*t and I’m trying to embody that and I want you to do the same,” is probably the biggest take-away from this video. Oh and FYI, Brad turned off Instagram comments — probably because Tana stans have no chill and that’s okay.

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