Tana Mongeau Defends Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes’s Relationship

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Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello relationship defended by Tana Mongeau

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Everybody thought Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s relationship was fake, just like they think Camila Cabello and “Señorita” collaborator Shawn Mendes’s relationship is fake, which is why it makes sense that Tana’s throwing her voice into the mix saying that, “they are so in love.”

“Being someone who had a lot of people speculate if my relationship’s real or fake, seeing them really in love was awesome. They are super in love; they are actually so in love. Off-camera, they were like, obsessed with each other. I’ve honestly never felt so single. […] They had no idea anyone else was in the room.”

The Tana Turns 21 star is talking about the GRAMMYs after-party she attended, where Camila, Shawn, and others like Niall Horan and the VlogSquad were turning up. Tana posted several vids of “Shawmila” canoodling and, according to Tana, their relationship looks super legit.

But haters say that someone as “fake” as Tana confirming the relationship just proves that Shawn and Camila’s relationship is fake, too, causing even more drama.

Since Shawn and Camila started dating in 2019, they’ve been followed by rumors that their relationship is a PR stunt to get “Señorita” to be a success. First, people said they would date until the song went to number one on the charts. Then, they apparently had to stay together until their American Music Awards performance. Then, they were staying together until Romance dropped, then until the GRAMMYs. But how many more public events does Shawmila have to go to before people just agree that their relationship is the real deal?

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