Tana Mongeau Drags Ex-Boyfriend Brad Sousa In Re-Written Instagram Captions & It’s Hilarious

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Instagram / Tana Mongeau

These days, you can’t simply break up with someone and have them disappear out of your life completely. Chances are if you’ve been in a relationship with the person for a long time, there’ll be photos of them plastered all over your social media – your Instagram will feature cute pics of you two on last year’s spring vacation, you’ll be tagged “in a relationship” on Facebook, and you’ll have countless mentions from them in your Twitter DMs. So what do you do when it all goes down in flames — be immature and remove every photo of you two ever (even if you look good AF), or leave the pictures up as a painful reminder of what could have been? Well, it looks like YouTuber Tana Mongeau has found the perfect solution to the new wave problem: just rewrite the captions acknowledging how bomb you look and how trash your ex is.

Tana called it quits on her relationship with Brad Sousa, who she previously flaunted all over her Instagram. He cheated on her, so we can only imagine how she feels seeing his face all over her timeline. She handled the split in the most savage way ever — by editing all of her captions about him to tell the *real* story about their relationship.

“he cheated on me but my ass looks dumb fat in this so i’m debating deleting it,” she wrote under one photo of her and Brad while on vacation in Hawaii.

“here’s a pic of me on Valentine’s Day at a dinner i paid for that we took an Uber to that i paid for kissing someone who cheated on me while he’s wearing clothes i got him sent for free and gaining followers from this pic,” she captioned a picture of the two of them last Valentine’s Day…which is ruthless in the most entertaining way.

“me and my cheating ex but again my ass looks so good so ima leave this pic up so future ppl that stalk my page and wanna get at me know i gotta fat ass.” That’s the breakup mentality we strive to have some day.

“the cups say sugar cause i was his sugar mommy and paid for everything until he cheated on me!!!!!” Well, that certainly doesn’t paint Brad in the best light…

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me looking sexy with my shitty ex

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“me looking sexy with my shitty ex”

“cheater’s first Coachella (i’m debating deleting this but i just look so iconic and hot all without a facetune so i’d hate for that to go to waste”

We stan a legend to trashes her trash ex on social media — even if we would never have the guts to do the same in such a ruthless way. We have to admire Tana’s positive energy when it comes to her breakup. He may have cheated, but she’s still cute though! That’s what we call “winning the breakup.”

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