Tana Mongeau’s Engagement Ring Is Fake And We’re So Confused

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We are exhausted. We are confused. We just really, really want to know if YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul are actually engaged or not. You might remember that Tana and Jake got engaged after only a few weeks of trolling their viewers as to whether or not they were actually dating. They swear the engagement is real, but we’re not so sure.

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According to reports from E! News and Page Six, Tana’s massive engagement ring set isn’t actually real. Instead of diamonds, the set of five rings is actually cubic zirconium from a placed called Adina’s Jewels. The whole thing cost less than $500. We get buying within your price range, but the two YouTubers have a combined net worth of over $12 million, so surely Jake could have sprung for the real deal if this was, yanno, the real deal.

Making things more suspicious are the actual words used in Jake’s proposal. He dropped a video entitled “We Actually Got Engaged…” which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look that the romantic moment. He popped the question with a speech that will put Mr. Darcy’s “most ardently” proposal to shame. He said, “Like, I like you. I like you a lot. Like so much. And I was thinking it would be dope if you would like, marry me. Tana Mongeau, take this strawberry kiwi Ring Pop and marry me.” The height of romance ladies and gentlemen. Tana said yes (obviously) and responded: “My net worth just jumped a lot.”

Tana then made things even more confusing by posting pictures of the engagement with the caption “when ur real life engagement raises ur instagram engagement.” Is this real or for clout? Are you making fools of us? Are you in love? We need answers! We need to emotionally prepare if you two are breaking up.

Maybe it’s completely useless to try to untangle this web of trolling, clout, and product placement. Maybe the search for absolute truth is meaningless in our post-modern influencer world. Quick celeb engagements are the new Instagram official. Tana and Jake understand something that we don’t — in the year 2019, objective facts mean nothing. It doesn’t have to be true, it just has it be. The mere fact that they got engaged means that they’re engaged. A tiny part of our heart secretly wants this to be true *so* badly. Tana and Jake know that, and they’re going to take us all the way to the bank.

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