Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Announce Engagement, But Some Fans Aren’t Buying It

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If you thought that your Monday was going to be boring, you clearly didn’t realize that it was Tana Mongeau‘s 21st birthday. You also probably hadn’t heard the news that Tana and her kind of boyfriend Jake Paul are now engaged! We will give you a minute to properly process this news.

We know, we know … right now you’re thinking, “this can’t possibly be real, right?” Jake and Tana have been evasive about their relationship for months. In April, Tana confirmed that she had broken up with her boyfriend, fellow YouTuber Brad Sousa, after he cheated on her at Coachella. Fans then freaked out when Tana posted a selfie on Snapchat where she appeared to be in Jake Paul’s bed. The pair then trolled their fans by refusing to be clear about whether their relationship was real or fake. In a video about the relationship, Jake said: “It’s somewhat real but at the same time just messing around with it, and I don’t know, we’ll see where it goes.” Well apparently it’s going to the chapel!

On Sunday, Tana started celebrating her 21st birthday. She rented a party bus and drove to Vegas, where she hit the club at midnight when she officially turned legal. (There was definitely some underage consumption of alcohol going on here, but we don’t tell if you don’t.) Sometime during the party, Jake proposed to Tana with a cake emblazoned with the words “Tana will you marry me?” Tana then posted a story to her Instagram showing off a red ring pop and a massive diamond engagement ring.

Is this a bit? No one knows!

For those wondering about the <Danielle Cohn thing, earlier this year another YT star named Danielle said she was 15 and pregnant with her BF’s baby, then the two had a fake wedding in Vegas before revealing the whole thing was just a “prank” — aka just for attention.

But when Fuller House actress Ashley Liao replied to Tana’s tweet about the engagement asking if this was a joke, Tana responded “It’s not. I’m engaged. Holy f*ck.” So that seems … pretty real? We wouldn’t put it past this pair to actually get married as some elaborate prank though.

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In addition to a diamond ring, Jake did buy Tana a car. Which is nice. We mean, she did ask for one.

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