Tana Mongeau Fans Are Torn Over Jake Paul Rebound Rumors Since Brad Sousa Breakup

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Tana Mongeau‘s life seems to change drastically by the minute. Two days ago, she posted a video about her breakup with boyfriend Brad Sousa after Coachella when she realized he had been cheating on her “a lot,” then she announced she was getting a MTV reality show, and now her fans feel pretty convinced she’s hooking up with Jake Paul after she was caught in his bed a few days ago, then tweeted to him telling him to wake up hours ago.

As for the bed thing, she posted a selfie in a bed and DramaAlert revealed it to be Jake Paul’s. We knew that Tana and Jake were working on a video together, so hopefully they just filmed it… in his bed? Seems a little *odd*, but isn’t everything Jake and Tana do? Tana is still dealing with the fallout from her breakup, so maybe she wanted to look like they’re hooking up to get back at her cheating ex.


Regardless of whether they are or are not doin’ it, most Tana Mongeau fans feel very passionately that they should say far, far from each other.

Despite the haters, some fans DO ship it, shockingly:

Only time will tell what’s exactly going on with these two — but maybe the upcoming video or MTV show will answer all of our questions about this potential YouTuber hookup. Both Tana and Jake are so wild separately, they might just be the only people to match the other’s energy.

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