Tana Mongeau Pregnancy Joke Sparks Backlash Over Infertility & Miscarriages

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Instagram / Tana Mongeau

So, you know how those “I’m pregnant” jokes on April Fools’ Day aren’t funny anymore? Even though you and everyone you knew in high school would almost certainly try to play that $h!t in high school, the masses have spoken and faking a pregnancy can be hurtful to those who are struggling with infertility or the trauma of miscarriage. It seems that a few days shy of April 1st, Tana Mongeau still hasn’t gotten the memo.

The YouTube star and social media influencer tweeted a meme of a helicopter to “announce” her pregnancy and fans were instantly confused for several reasons. A) Why would Tana announce her pregnancy with a meme? B) How pregnant is she? The girl is eating raw fish and drinking liquor on her Hawaii vacation like it’s NBD. Her friend Ashly Schwan got in on the joke before confirming to followers that no, she and Tana are not *actually* pregnant (but she wishes)!

The story doesn’t end there, though, because her joke’s caused outrage over Twitter.

Others, however, are sticking up for Tana (and all the others who will undeniably be making “I’m pregnant!” Facebook posts next Monday), saying that the joke is completely victimless and people who feel triggered need to learn to take a joke.

But you know Tana, she can’t avoid controversy for long! This one will blow over and a new one will arise in no time.

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