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Ashly Schwan Says She & Tana Mongeau Aren’t Pregnant (But She Wishes!)

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WTF, we’re so confused. Tana Mongeau posted a head-scratching tweet announcing her “pregnancy” and fans were immediately like — ??????

Then influencer Ashly Schwan said that their babies were going to be BFF’s (in 7 months, no less!), a tweet that Tana RT’d:

Tana has been dating Brad Sousa since late 2018 and she and girlfriend Bella Thorne recently announced their split, so her having a bun in the oven is not completely out of the question — though it would be a bit shocking considering she’s been trying to get into Miley Cyrus‘s pants for a hot minute now. Meanwhile, Ashly and music producer Michael Trewartha have also been dating since last year.

Fans were initially super confused about what the hell was going on in these influencers’ uteruses, so Ashly responded straight-up to a fan who wrote, “Ok, so are [Tana] and [Ashly] actually pregnant or not… [I]’m a little shook.”

And even though Ashly said “no i wish,” some aren’t exactly convinced Tana’s not knocked up. In fact, a YouTube video titled “Tana Mongeau Is Pregnant” is circulating online.


Tana responded to Ashly saying she’s due in nine months, which pretty much solidifies that this whole thing is a joke. That would mean that the YouTube star literally just got inseminated, and most people don’t announce their pregnancies until the first trimester is finished just incase there are any complications and the probability of miscarrying during that time.

Speaking of celebrities faking their pregnancies young stars announcing there’s a bun in the oven wayyyy too early, has anyone checked on Lil Xan‘s fake baby? Like, I’m sorry, but a guy with face tattoos is not having a baby anytime soon, IDC how many “Man’s Guide To Newborn Baby” books he reads.

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