Tana Mongeau Slammed For Saying Mac Miller Was “Raging” By Her Side At Coachella

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Oh, Tana, what will we do with you? Controversial YouTuber Tana Mongeau is in hot water yet again — this time for posting a picture of Khalid‘s tribute to late rapper Mac Miller at Coachella and saying she knew he was “raging by [her] side” all weekend.

This is problematic for three pretty huge reasons. One, and probably the biggest one, saying that someone who died of a drug overdose is quote-unquote raging with you at a drug-fueled musical festival in the afterlife is pretty tone deaf. Two, Ariana Grande, who Mac dated for two years and had a friendship with for the better part of a decade, was headlining the music festival so we’re pretty sure that if the spirit of the “Self-Care” rapper was at Coachella this year, he was giving good vibes to Ari. And three, Tana claims that she and Mac dated for a few months before his death when she posted screenshots of texts he allegedly sent her where said she is “one of one” and “deserve[s] the world,” but people think she may’ve exploited his death for her own fame.

Yeah, it’s a lot. “My favorite part of Coachella,” she wrote with the picture of Mac [note: edited for grammar and spelling]. “I knew you were raging by my side this whole weekend, Malcolm. Thank you [Khalid] for dedicating such a beautiful performance of Angels to a true f*cking angel.”

For those of you who don’t obsessively follow YouTuber news, after Mac died last September, Tana said that she and Mac were in a relationship and that she would give anything to have him “kiss [her] one last time” in a looong Instagram caption where she also said she was almost going to come over the night of his OD to hang out. (Captured below, she later changed the caption.) Another Instagram model, Julia Kelly claimed she was dating him at the time as well. “He seemed like he was genuinely really there and genuinely really cared,” Tana said of their relationship in an interview with No Jumper. “I talked to him every day. He was happy as f*ck.”

AAAND you can watch the interview below but, be warned, it might just piss you the f*ck off:


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