Tana Mongeau Asks Jake Paul To Buy Her A Car By Sending A Naked Butt Pic

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Twitter/ @tanamongeau

On Wednesday, our favorite YouTuber/internet provocateur Tana Mongeau posted a screenshot of texts between her and fellow YouTube heavyweight Jake Paul. And it. is. steamy. The screenshot shows that Tana sent Jake a picture in which she is apparently nude from the waist down. Tana added the text “buy me a car” over her butt. Jake’s response isn’t visible, but we’re assuming it was something along the lines of “what kind of car do you want and when can I buy it?” Because as firm believers of awarding credit where credit is due, we must say it’s a fire pic.

The tweet comes at a time when both Tana and Jake have been generally trolling the internet about the state of their relationship. Tana broke up with her boyfriend, Brad Sousa at the end of April. Days later, she posted a selfie on her Snapchat and some eagle-eyed fans realized that she had taken the pic in Jake’s bed. To clear things up, both YouTubers posted very clear videos that explained what was going on between them. Just kidding! Both videos were super confusing, and they are definitely delighting in keeping their fans in the dark.

It seems like their relationships might have started as a joke and a way to get real in viewers, but has evolved into a weirdly real flirtationship. On the subject of his relationship with Tana, Jake said “I really like trolling the internet and this is a perfect example and way to do that, because it’s just fun. It’s somewhat real but at the same time just messing around with it, and I don’t know, we’ll see where it goes.” We’re confused, but we also kind of ship it.

Things don’t seem too serious between the pair though. Tana has been spotted hanging out with her ex, actress Bella Thorne. She also recently tweeted about wanting Bella to take her back.

Who’s dating who? Is Tana getting her car? So many questions!

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