Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Show Some PDA At Oscars After-Party

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taylor swift and joe alwyn PDA


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been together for two years now, and all we have to show for it is a long history of award show after-party PDA. Never one to break with tradition, Tay was spotted with her beau at the iconic Vanity Fair party last night after being conspicuously absent from the Academy Awards.

The pair got caught being super touchy and cuddly at the party, so clearly, it’s all over Twitter.

There was no kissing spotted this time around. Actually, this year’s Golden Globes’ after-party might be the only time the couple was seen giving a lil smooch, but we can’t blame Taylor for being extra-cautious about her “Gorgeous” BF. LBH, we already know more about Taylor’s love life than most of the guys she’s dated. Mad props to her for reclaiming her love life out of the public eye and not letting the haters get her down. Just because she doesn’t need to literally stalk Joe to all of his work events (and, honestly, that’s what the award shows are) doesn’t mean it’s doomsday for this strong pair. It probably just means that they’re confident enough in their relationship that they can (gasp!) have their own lives.

If recent rumors are true, we could be getting new music from Taylor really, really soon, so all of our burning questions about the couple’s life will be answered soon enough. What will a *happy* Taylor Swift album sound like? What will we cry to the next time we get ghosted?

According to crazy dedicated fans, Tay’s recent Insta tells us ~everything~ we need to know about TS7’s release schedule.

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Obvi, seven palm trees means that this post is about TS7. Oh, and her website changed fonts from her Reputation font to something different but vaguely similar to her Reputation font. And a previously deduced single release date on April 26 is 61 days away. There are 61 stars in the photo. Coincidence? Who knows! It’s tempting to write-off far-flung deductions like these, but Taylor’s for sure the type to leave an obscure mystery for her fans to figure out. If they’re going to read into every Insta post until something official is announced anyway, why not give them something to find? Tay’s nothing if not a humanitarian.

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