Taylor Swift Calls Ed Sheeran A “Chart Monger” & Fans Feel Some Type Of Way About It

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What’s going down with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran? The world may never know. The two have been longtime collaborators, most recently on Tay’s Reputation album for a track called “End Game,” and Ed started dating his now-wife after asking her to tag along to one of Taylor’s iconic Fourth of July bashes. But fans often speculate that there’s more happening behind the scenes of their friendship. When Taylor was feuding with Scooter Braun over his purchase of the masters of her music after a deal with Big Machine Records, Ed was publicly silent — though he said via Instagram he was “speaking directly to her” about the drama.

Now a recent Taylor Swift quote about her “friend, Ed” has fans thinking there might actually be some drama. According to MusicFactsDaily, Taylor said, “My friend Ed is such a chart monger. He’s obsessed with how it works [and] the math of it. I don’t even get how people get a big release week because they … sold T-shirts or they sold concert tickets with their albums.”

The quote comes from a Rolling Stone article about tidbits that didn’t make her cover story. The full quote is as follows: “Charts — I truly, truly do not understand how they work anymore. My friend Ed [Sheeran] is such a chart monger. He’s obsessed with how it works and the math of it. I have no idea what goes on with the math with it now, it used to be so easy. I don’t even get how, people get a big release week, because they they sold T-shirts, or they sold concert tickets with their albums. It’s just very confusing. But I was stoked about the “ME!” music video getting that many YouTube views. I was like, well, that’s like, that’s something to write home about.”

Fans are P.O.’d for two reasons. One, because it seems like Taylor is shading her longtime friend for seemingly no reason. And two, because Taylor Swift’s release weeks have made it seem like she is, in fact, “obsessed” with charts like her friend, Ed. After all, girlfriend released four separate deluxe Lover albums for hardcore Swifties to buy and accompanied juicy diaries with it.

Some fans think Taylor sounds like a hypocrite in this most, others say she “ended” the “End Game” collaborator, and others are telling Twitter users to stop reaching. One Selena/Swift stan wrote, “she said he’s obsessed w how it works not w the chart itself pls.. stop trying to cause drama [sic].”

We’re sure there’s no hate in Swift-Sheeran land. After all, he just announced his hiatus and Taylor’s starting her next era!

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