Tom Holland’s Girlfriend’s Name Is Olivia Bolton — Here’s What Else We Know

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Tom Holland tried his best to break stan Twitter earlier this week when he was spotted engaging in some public PDA with a woman who was not his Spider-Man: Far From Home costar Zendaya. The mystery blonde’s name has finally been revealed to be Olivia Bolton, and here are all the other things you need to know about the woman who publicly touched Tom Holland’s butt.

While it was Page Six that first revealed Olivia’s name, British tabloid The Sun discovered that she works in digital production in London and has been family friends with Tom for some time. Though the couple has been friends for a while, they only made the move into a relationship relatively recently. The couple has allegedly been dating for a couple of months, and according to The Sun‘s sources, Tom is “totally smitten.” Smitten!

The couple was first spotted out and about in London. They were attending a Black Eyed Peas concert in Hyde Park. No comment on their music taste, but Tom and Olivia did wear very chic matching all-black outfits. They were very touchy — holding hands and putting their arms around each other. Olivia even touched Tom’s butt they were waiting for their drinks. Same, Olivia! Same!

Obviously, The Real Olivia Bolton has her social media accounts all locked up. All the other Olivia Boltons of the world are doing the same. What we know for sure is that it’s not this girl:

Stan Twitter obviously needed some time to adjust to this news.

Tom and Olivia’s public debut comes weeks after Tom denied dating Zendaya in an interview with Elle in June. Personally, we thought that Tom had major chemistry with another Spiderman: Far From Home star, but we knew from the beginning that our dreams of a Tom and Jake Gyllenhaal ship were meant to be crushed.

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