News Roundup: Everything About Tristan Thompson & Jordyn Woods You Missed

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It’s been known that Tristan Thompson is canceled. TBH, has Tristan ever *not* been canceled? The man is trash. Assuming you’ve been online at all in the last sixteen hours, you’ve heard the tragic news about Tristan and Jordyn Woods, who apparently ain’t sh*t either. But like, forreal, it takes a truly trash person to homewreck her best friend’s neice and sister.

A brief refresher (for those of you living blissfully under a rock): Last night, the Kardashians found out along with the rest of the world that Tristan and Khloe Kardashian were done for good after Tristan got caught cheating with Jordyn at a house party. Jordyn, best friend of Kylie Jenner. Jordyn, who babysat True Thompson at a time. Jordyn, who Khloe considered family. Jordyn, who went on vacation with Kylie and Stormi Webster. *My* heart is broken, so I can’t even imagine how the Kardashians feel.

Most of the world was fully asleep while the scandal really took root, so we took it upon ourselves to read every single piece of news about the betrayal. We’re consolidating all of the updates right here, so you don’t need to scour the internet for all of the deets. We did our research, so you don’t have to.

Apparently, Tristan admitted to the infidelity that occurred over the weekend at a SHOREbar party when Khloe confronted him about it on Monday, and he didn’t even try to lie. I mean, it was in front of a ton of people, so it’s not like he was really trying to hide it. Actually, sources told USWeekly that Tristan high-key doesn’t care that he got caught because he “was over it” and “was never trying to win Khloe back.” Like, okay, sure. We all knew Tristan was trash after he cheated on Khloe basically while she was giving birth to his child, and it’s pretty clear he never really gave a sh*t about Khloe ever, who has always deserved better. Tristan knows he’s still going to get to see his kid and that the co-parenting rules aren’t going to change. Life is going to continue as normal for Tristan (he was already the most hated basketball player on Instagram, even if he did only just now turn off his Insta comments), but he just *had* to drag Jordyn down with him. SMH.

Jordyn hasn’t commented on the scandal yet (but trust us, we are WAITING to hear what she has to say for herself), but suffice to say we all agree with the Kardashians when they say they’re “beyond angry and disgusted.” TMZ says that Kylie didn’t believe the rumors at first, but after reaching out to friends who were at the SHOREbar party, “her doubts evaporated” and now she fully doesn’t know what to do. The rest of the family is definitely leaving Jordyn in the dust (like, fair), and TBH, Kylie will probably follow suit. Her best friend, business partner, and ex-roommate totally blindsided her. Jordyn was there when Kylie peed on a stick and confirmed her pregnancy, you know? Those ties bind.

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An insider told E! that this all started at a Drake concert Jordyn and Tristan went to with a group of mutual friends, where they were clearly flirting and then continued to party together at Tristan’s place until the early hours of the morning.

Khloe and Kylie still follow Jordyn on Instagram, but this might be one of those situations where the IRL drama is so overwhelming that they just haven’t had time to purge their online profiles. Khloe supposedly is “more disappointed that someone so close to their family would betray her” than anything else. We know it takes two to homewreck, but we all expected this from Tristan. We knew he was a fame-seeking sl*t with no moral compass and a plush spot benchwarming for the Cavs (yeah, in case you don’t follow basketball, Tristan hasn’t been worth sh*t on the court either in a hot minute because of constant injuries). What’s surprising is that Jordyn was just as much of a snake. Like, it’s hard to conceptualize that it must be hard to be a Kardashian sometimes. Sure, they have more money than most countries and want for nothing, but weeding out the people who are just trying to use them for their wealth and fame from the people they can actually trust must be horrible and exhausting. If anyone can see that, it’s Jordyn, and she still put herself fully in the former category.

We’ll update if Kylie, Jordyn, or Khloe make an ~official~ comment, but until then, this is all we’ve got.

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