Scandalous Twitter Thread Brings Receipts On Christina Aguilera’s Cultural Appropriation & ‘Transphobic’ History

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Scandalous Twitter Thread Brings Receipts On Christina Aguilera s Cultural Appropriation    Transphobic  History celebrity christina aguilera jpg

A Twitter thread about Christina Aguilera is making the rounds on social media and boy is it ugly. A Britney Spears fan account created the thread that drags the pop legend, and although that may scream ‘bias’ to you, she did bring the receipts. The tweets detail the reasons why Xtina is one of the “most unlikeable and problematic” celebrities of her time and they’re pretty shocking.

The Twitter user first draws attention to the “Genie In A Bottle” singer’s cultural appropriation issues. In the past, the singer has worn costumes that appropriate Indian and Japanese cultures, and she’s also been spotted darkening her skin with tanning products to appear African American.

The thread also noted times when Christina has used transphobic language, including during an SNL skit and in an interview where she claimed she was unsure whether Lady Gaga was a man or a woman.

The Britney stan also drew attention to multiple celebrity feuds that Christina has been involved in, most notably being her issues with her former Mickey Mouse Clubhouse costar. The thread highlighted an interview with Xtina in which she called Brit “trailer trash” and also included a clip where she attacks Britney and Madonna’s 2004 collaboration “Me Against The Music.”

Britney also once claimed that Christina “put her tongue down [her] throat” in a club when she hadn’t seen her in two years.

The scandalous thread goes on to detail feuds the “Dirrty” singer has had with other celebrities aside from Britney, including Madonna, Valerie Bertinelli, Avril Lavigne, Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, and Kelly Osbourne. One of the most scathing of the tweet’s claims is when Christina allegedly made light of Mariah Carey‘s mental health.

Aside from her numerous celebrity feuds, the thread acknowledges claims made by members of Christina’s staff, how she is apparently insufferable to work with, and how she treated lesser-known celebs who approached her, including Daniel Franzese from Mean Girls.

A lot of Twitter users are praising the account for bringing the receipts and “dragging” Christina for her problematic actions, but there are some who are claiming the tweets are “lies.” With actual quotes and video clips, the thread can be hard to fault. Click here to read the entire thing.

Christina hasn’t responded to the thread, and we’re guessing she probably never will. That said, threads “exposing” celebrities has been super popular lately and even Hailey Baldwin recently responded to a thread making the rounds about her husband Justin Bieber cheating on Selena Gomez. So maybe Xtina will say something. Does it make you question your love for the pop princess?