Two Months After Melissa Benoist’s IPV Reveal, Blake Jenner Is Still M.I.A.

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Blake Jenner MIA Since Melissa Benoist IPV Video

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Where in the world is Blake Jenner? Two months after Supergirl star Melissa Benoist opened up about her scary past being abused by an ex, her former husband and Glee costar is still M.I.A.. Keep in mind, Melissa did not name Blake in her IGTV video detailing the intimate-partner violence, however, due to the timeline of events, she was with Blake when she sustained the injuries described.

Perhaps Blake thinks that if he waits long enough, people will just forget and he can make a subtle return to the web without commenting on the allegations against him. But as his casting in the Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein film Merrily We Roll Along continues to be a source of controversy, will taking some time away just exacerbate the vitriol from survivors and allies of IPV?

Melissa’s current husband, Chris Wood, with whom she recently honeymooned, seemed to call out Blake in an early December tweet asking him to be held accountable.

Still, two months later, and fans *do* still care about what Blake Jenner allegedly did to Melissa Benoist while they were married. The horrors she endured are not easily brushed off and we’re living in a post-Time’s Up era, meaning we’re not going to forgive an abuser just because we appreciate his work.

According to show-goers, Blake was in attendance for the final performances of his off-Broadway show Cyrano, starring Peter Dinklage. The show wrapped on December 22nd and there is no news on other projects Blake Jenner may or may not be working on. His Instagram hasn’t been updated since a November 22nd post promoting Cyrano with a pic with the Game of Thrones star. Prior to that, he had been posting multiple times weekly about his involvement in the show and hasn’t taken a break from Instagram since he started posting more frequently in April 2019. Blake appeared to spend New Years with family in Florida, thanks to public Facebook photos posted by his uncle, Alejandro Levya Garcia. In these photos, he’s all-smiles and soaking up the Florida sun.

We’re not sure what to make of Blake Jenner’s social media hiatus, but would an innocent man hide in the shadows this long?

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