Two YouTubers Claim They Were Kicked Out Of Jake Paul’s Party For Being Trans

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Instagram / Lilah Gibney & Jake Paul

YouTubers Lilah Gibney and Kendall Raindrop have released a YouTube video in which they claim they were kicked out of Jake Paul’s house for being transgender. In the video, Lilah explains that she, her friend Kendall, and also another friend who is cisgender, were all invited to a “Team 10” party at Jake’s house in Calabasas where he lives with friends and members of his team last Friday night.

When the girls arrived, one of Jake’s editors, Blaine, asked them to leave. When questioned why, Blaine allegedly said the reason was that the girls are transgender. The YouTube video includes clips from Lilah’s phone that appear to show Blaine kicking her and her friends out, and when they told him they had been invited to the party, he said: “I was told that girls were coming.”

Lilah adds that when she asked Blaine why they would leave as they had just arrived, he allegedly said: “I dunno, I thought you were gonna come with ‘real girls.’” In the clips, Blaine can be heard denying that he’s “transphobic” when the girls call him out. Kendall also said that she asked Blaine if she and Lilah “looked like real girls,” to which he allegedly replied “Yea, but you’re not like one.”

The girls then left the house to Uber home. Lilah included a clip in the video of a call she received while in the Uber home from one of the Team 10 members Adam Quinn, who suggests she take down her Instagram Stories, insinuating that legal action will be taken against her if not. “I really recommend that you guys take that down because that’s really really not OK and I understand where you’re coming from but there’s no reason to do that,” he can be heard saying.

Lilah also provided screenshots of texts exchanged between her and Adam the next day to INSIDER where Adam can be seen saying: “We could’ve handled this like adults and actually worked together to help raise awareness for the community, but now it’s taken on a different spin since you opted to turn it into a defamatory opportunity for views based on a narrative you and I both know is not true [sic]. I’m sure the legal team would understand if you removed your post and made a statement about this being a misunderstanding (like we both discussed when we spoke), but either way, I wish you the best — we both know this was all unnecessary and the truth always comes out [sic].”

Lilah said that the situation at the Team 10 house was “disgusting” and “embarrassing” in her video and that “it’s something trans people in general deal with literally every second, every day. This is the least dramatic experience that happens with most trans people, it’s just such a scary world.”

Although Jake Paul himself didn’t appear to be involved in the incident, with Lilah calling him “such a good guy” and saying that she “loves him,” the YouTuber appeared to clap back at her video in a tweet he posted on Monday. He wrote: “its funny that time after time of ppl trying 2 cancel me or the ppl around me that there is ANY weight to it… since day 1 all my ‘controversies’ have been cleared & aired out publicly & they showed nothing but the fact that other parties were lying.. try again! ill be beachside.”

Other YouTubers have come out to support the girls, including Elijah Daniel who tweeted this in defense of Lilah.

It’s unconfirmed whether or not legal action has been taken against Lilah for her posts, but we hope she continues to not be silenced by her haters. Watch her full story-time video below.


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