Victoria Monét & Tayla Parx Defend Ariana Grande Over Cultural Appropriation Claims

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Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét have already had quite a year. The pair already broke some records with their bop “7 Rings” and dropped what’s being referred to as a “bisexual anthem” called “Monopoly.” But those two feats haven’t come without some ~controversy~, namely rumors that Ariana Grande is culturally appropriating black culture and profiting off of the aesthetics and work that black people have been doing for years without giving proper credit. It got even worse when “7 Rings” dropped and Princess Nokia slammed the singer for ripping off her song, “Mine,” saying, “Ain’t that the little song I made about brown women and their hair? Hmm. Sounds about white.”

However, Ariana wrote that song with the help of Victoria and a few of her BFFs/frequent collaborators, including Tayla Parx, who is now defending Ariana Grande in light of the cultural appropriation backlash.

It started in a Tayla Parx interview with NYTimes where she said, “She’s actually supporting the black producers and writers that she works with more than some of the black artists that I’ve worked with.” She continued, “If we didn’t take from each other, genre-wise, everything would sound the same. As long as the proper credit is given, that’s the most important thing.”

Victoria backed up Tayla’s words on Twitter, reposting an excerpt from the interview, writing, “Period. Exclamation point.”

We’ll consider that an official stamp of approval. In an interview with WWD, Tayla really shut down the claims with a, “People are sensitive right now, and for absolutely the right reasons. I definitely think there’s validity in some of the things being said, but this one is a reach.”

Victoria, Tayla, and Ari are BFF goals and it makes total sense that they would stick up for their girl. On a side note: Tayla’s We Need To Talk released last week, so go stream it.

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