Watch This Hilarious Video Of Dove Cameron Saying “F*ck That Guy”

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Brian To/WENN.com

In case you missed it, our new fave, singer and actress Dove Cameron is currently starring in the musical The Light In The Pizaa on the West End in London. The musical is Dove’s West End debut, and by all accounts, the actress is crushing it in her first ever adult role in a musical. If you’ve ever been an online stan/fan of an actor or actress, you know that your fave starring in a play is pretty much the best thing that can happen to you. Fan interactions at the stage door mean there’s always new content and fun IRL interactions for you to freak out about. Dove Cameron fans are currently freaking out about this video of the actress saying “f*ck that guy” while talking to a fan after the show on Thursday night.

In the video, which was taken by Twitter user @singularspideyy, Dove is chatting with a fan, presumably about her location in the theater. In the middle of the convo, Dove looks up and says about someone off camera, “F*ck that guy.” Who is he? What did he do? Some think he’s one of those people who gets celebrity autographs to sell online. No one knows for sure, but like, f*ck that guy.

Fans are freaking out over the video of the sweet star telling some guy to f*ck off.

Dove has recently made headlines (and secured herself a soft spot in our hearts) by defending Bella Thorne after the Shake It Up star released her own nudes after they were hacked. Dove clapped back at Whoopi Goldberg who implied that Bella deserved to have her nudes hacked since she took nudes in the first place.

You know what we say to people who slut-shame women in the year 2019? F*ck that guy.

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