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Watch Priyanka Chopra Hide Her Engagement Ring From The Paparazzi

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Watch Priyanka Chopra Hide Her Engagement Ring from the Paparazzi priyanka wenn jpg


Since rumors of their engagement first made headlines, fans have been patiently waiting for either Nick Jonas or Priyanka Chopra to confirm that they are, in fact, engaged. However, we might have to wait a long time before they do because the Quantico star made it clear that she’s keen on keeping her relationship status a secret with a video that shows her hiding engagement ring from cameras.

Priyanka knows very well we all want to see her ring, but it appears as though she’s not ready to show it off to the world just yet. The actress was spotted arriving at the Indira Gandhi International airport in New Delhi on Monday, August 6th, but after seeing paparazzi waiting for her outside, she had to move quickly in order to hide the diamond Nick got her. In the video below, you can see her swiftly take the ring off her finger and put it into her pocket like the smooth operator that she is!

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However, she did not move quick enough because if you look closely, you can definitely catch a glimpse of the rock. From what we can tell, it’s big and it’s sparkly! Did you notice how she even made it a point to flash her ringless hand to the paparazzi? TBH, we’re not surprised. After all, she told reporters later that day that her personal life is not for “public consumption.”

During a Q&A titled “Challenging the Status Quo and Forging New Paths,” she told the everyone that she was there to talk about her professional career and not her love life. “My entire life — my personal life — is not for public consumption,” Priyanka said (via E! News). “90% of my life is for public consumption, but 10% is for me. I’m a girl; I have the right to keep that to myself.”

She went on to say that her family, friendships, and romantic relationships are not things that she needs to defend or explain to anyone – especially not the media.

“I am not running for office, so I don’t think I need to give explanations,” she continued, adding that people’s interest in her love life can be annoying at times. “Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I get annoyed. Mostly, I tell my publicists, ‘Let it be. Today’s news is tomorrow’s trash.'”

We’re hoping she’ll be ready to give us all the deets soon, but until then, we need to respect Nick and Priyanka’s privacy. All we know for sure is that these two seem smitten by one another – and we are obsessed. In the two months that they’ve been dating publicly, the couple has been inseparable. That’s why their whirlwind engagement didn’t really shock any of us. When you know, you know!