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YouTuber Jake Paul Makes Statement After Girls Are Allegedly Drugged At His House Party

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YouTuber Jake Paul Makes Statement After Girls Are Allegedly Drugged At His House Party jakepaul 59667497 355696301736362 6891255487689209396 n 1 jpg

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YouTuber Jake Paul has been facing *more* criticism recently following allegations after a birthday party he hosted for rapper Desiigner at his Calabasas mansion. The party seemed to have gotten a little out of hand, to put it lightly. It’s been alleged that multiple young women were drugged while there and ended up incoherent at the hospital.

The allegation first came to surface from a mother of one of the alleged victims, who posted a message in a private Facebook group called “Moms of Conejo Valley.” A screenshot of this message got out to the public through the Instagram account @hereforthetea2. The mother said, “A big warning to those with teenage daughters: My daughter was at a house party in Calabasas last night for YouTuber Jake Paul. The house was a mansion filled with young people.”

She went on to say that her daughter “ended up in the hospital with eight other girls who had been drugged.” Apparently, the girls were also forced to sign a disclaimer at the door. Which obviously seems a little… sketch?

Daily Mail reported that the Los Angeles County Fire Department said in an Instagram post (now deleted) that it had “spent the majority of Saturday night transporting multiple patients from a party thrown by YouTuber @jakepaul.”

Even though, according to TMZ, Jake and crew had hired private ambulances and paramedics at the ready to tend to anyone needing medical attention. Because, you know, the party involved activities like boxing matches, motorcycle stunts and, more than likely, lots of alcohol consumption. Not to mention, this party was attended by a long list of celebs, including Chris Brown, Bella Thorne, Lamar Odom, and Trey Songz, as well as YouTube star Tana Mongeau who is rumored to be his new girlfriend following her split with Brad Sousa. Pretty much all the people we *don’t* want to be at a party with.

And Jake is finally speaking out. Well, through his attorney, that is. His legal aide, Larry Stein, said in a statement to TMZ, “We take this claim very seriously, and are working with authorities to make absolutely sure we do our part to uncover the truth.”

Both Jake and his older brother, fellow YouTube star Logan Paul, are not strangers to controversy and have faced backlash in the past on multiple occasions. Specifically, Logan was criticized earlier this year after he uploaded a video doing the BirdBox Challenge, which involves doing various things while blindfolded, most notably driving cars. Obviously not a great look since many kids have been hurt while participating in this viral challenge.

Nevertheless, we can’t say we are surprised something like this happened at a party hosted by Jake, and we’ll keep this in mind if we ever get the invite to hang out at his Los Angeles mansion. Hard pass.