Zara Larsson Says She’s “Ashamed” For Saying “Anything Bad” About Taylor Swift After Watching Doc

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Zara Larsson Apologizes For Saying Bad Things About Taylor Swift Watches Miss Americana

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Zara Larsson has finally watched the Taylor Swift documentary, Miss Americana, which came out on January 23rd, and it has changed her. The 22-year-old Swedish singer went on her Instagram Stories to share some initial reactions to the doc.

“I’m watching Miss Americana, a documentary about Taylor Swift on Netflix, and excuse me, stan Taylor Swift 2020 and for the rest of your goddamn life,” Zara announced on her IG. “She just minds her business, writes damn good songs, and she’s just being herself which is like, the nicest person ever. I am so ashamed. I’m ashamed, honestly, I’m ashamed. I cried during this part in the documentary, where you know, I ever said anything bad about her. What the f*ck she’s just a young girl trying to do her best. No.”

She finished the vid, saying, “Also, Political Taylor, come through. I’m loving all of this.”

During Miss Americana, Taylor goes deep talking about her relationship with fame. She talks about battling an eating disorder during her 1989 era, thinking the crowd at the 2009 VMAs was booing her for winning and not Kanye West for stealing her moment, and her decision to make her first political statement in 2018 before the midterm elections. The film also includes clips of different reporters and people in the media passing rude judgments on Tay.

Nikki Glaser, who is a comedian featured in Miss Americana talking smack, has apologized to Taylor for body-shaming her. Comedian Jenny Johnson also apologized in an Instagram post, as did reporter Richard S. He, who once wrote a mean article about her for Vice, saying she is “worse” than other celebrities.

Though Zara herself if not included in the documentary — and, as far as my research goes, hasn’t publicly slammed the “Lover” singer — it looks like the documentary has made her re-evaluate her past private actions.

Looks like Taylor has a new member in her girl gang! Good thing there’s plenty of room for all of these powerful women to have strong friendships with one another. What can we say? We have absolutely no choice but to stan!

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