Zendaya Dyes Her Hair Red & Fans Have SO Many Theories

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Zendaya just dyed her hair a flaming hot red shade and before you ask why this is a big deal, just know that this isn’t just any old hair switch. It was planned, and there could be more than one reason for the dramatic move. Zendaya debuted the new do while on a press tour for the new Spiderman: Far from Home movie in London yesterday and it’s literally all anyone on Twitter is talking about. It looks amazing, obvs, but there are multiple fan theories about why the 22-year-old decided to join the redhead club.

There have been rumors swirling for nearly a year now that Zendaya will play Ariel in the upcoming The Little Mermaid remake, and although the news has never been confirmed, fans think this is a gentle hint that the actress will be taking on the iconic role. There has also been speculation that Harry Styles will play the dreamy Prince Eric in the remake, which would be incredible. Harry recently followed Zendaya on Instagram, which all but confirms it to us!

Zendaya quickly squashed the rumors that the new hair color is for her role in The Little Mermaid, saying it’s a tribute to her Spiderman character MJ, who had red hair in the original comics and movies. Some also are saying it’s an FU to haters who thought Zendaya shouldn’t play MJ because she’s not white and has dark hair. She shared a photo of herself with her new red hair on Insta last night with the iconic MJ phrase “Face it, Tiger…” She then responded to a fan asking for confirmation about Ariel, calling the look an “MJ tribute.”

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Face it, Tiger…

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Naturally, fans were all up in their feels about the new look — and Zendaya’s pretty much taking over the world RN.

Okay so we know Zendaya is saying the hair color is to pay homage to MJ, which is great, but we can’t help but hold out hope that she’ll be playing Ariel in next year’s new movie — with Harry, of course, because that’d be too cute.

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