30 Embarrassing Celebrity Photoshop Fails

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Celebrities are just people. They have the same flaws, the same insecurities, and the same pitfalls as the rest of us. Unlike the rest of us, they have hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of people who creep on their Instagram photos daily. Thus, they want to look as good as possible whenever they can. Sometimes, that can mean using a little bit of Photoshop to cover up an imperfection or two. Sadly for them, these attempts frequently result in celebrity Photoshop fails.

A Photoshop fail happens when a celebrity does not adequately cover up the fact that they’ve used Photoshop or FaceTune, or whatever apps they’re using to brush away their acne or cellulite or curve their booties to perfection. These fixes are supposed to blend in seamlessly with the reality of the photo, but for one reason or another, it becomes evident to the public. Sometimes, it’s just because things don’t look quite right. Other times, it’s a warped wall or carpet that gives them away. Whatever the tell is, though, there are plenty of embarrassing celebrity Photoshop fails to go around.

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