30 Embarrassing Celebrity Photoshop Fails

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Rihanna’s Second Thumb

Rihanna Celebrity Photoshop


Sometimes, all you can do is speculate about whether a celebrity has used photoshop to digitally alter a photo of themselves. Other times, though, there’s pretty clear evidence. That was definitely the case with this photo from Rihanna, which also happens to feature a truly fabulous outfit.

In this case, Rihanna posted a photo where she appears to be sporting an extra thumb that looks an awful lot like her actual thumb. It’s pretty clear that some fairly shoddy work was done in an attempt to edit Rihanna’s stomach or waist. In the end, though, that work didn’t pay off in seamless results. Though most people were probably focusing on her other assets as opposed to her hands when they were gazing at this particular photo of BadGalRiRi.

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