16 Best Celebrity Social Media Pregnancy Announcements

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Beyonce Pregnant Belly Rub


Finding out you’re pregnant can be beyond words. Even if you were actively trying, discovering you’re growing a little human can be shocking. And announcing a pregnancy can be just as big. When you’re a celebrity, the feelings can be dramatized further because you have millions of fans to consider as well as a very public career. Some celebrities prefer to keep their pregnancies on the down low and only admit they expanded their families after they’ve given birth. (Looking @ you, Kylie Jenner.) Others use their reps or a red carpet to break the news. And some like to take things into their own hands with celebrity social media pregnancy announcements.

Celebrities share a lot of info on social media nowadays. Twitter and Instagram have made it easier for stars to connect with “the people” and we’ve gleaned some fascinating tidbits about their private lives. This makes it the perfect place to share a pregnancy announcement (and go viral). See the 16 best celebrity social media pregnancy announcements so far. We encourage future mamas and dadas to be equally creative.

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