16 Child Stars Who Didn’t Get Messed Up By Hollywood

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Childhood Stars Who Turned Out Fine Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire

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Hollywood can take a toll on even the most level-headed, grounded adult. Suddenly, a person who many considered to be sensible with a straight moral compass can be flying off the rails. We guess that’s what fame, money, and people saying “yes” all the time can do. So, imagine what happens when child stars start making it big in Tinseltown. Sadly, some of the impressionable young things don’t stand much of a chance.

We all know the stories of child actors and actresses who gained massive success at a young age. Then they later lost it, along with reps, to bad decisions. In the stories, there are lots of complicated things involved including children, the law, addiction, and more. And it’s why people often talk of a child actor curse. But, there are people who don’t fall into the category. There are inspirational celebrities who became A-list stars and racked up awards and managed to mature into functioning adults without too much controversy. In some cases, the celebs remained in showbiz. Take a look at 16 child stars who turned out fine.

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