16 Abstinent Celebrity Couples Who Waited Until Marriage

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Hollywood seems to be a breeding ground for scandalous behavior, playboy antics, and seriously wild romances. But, it turns out, there are still some celebs that prefer to do things the old fashioned way. There are have been several celebrity couples over the years that have waited until marriage to finally ~get intimate~. This doesn’t always mean that these celebs were 100% virgins — many have had sex in previous relationships. But for one reason or another, they decided that this time around they were going to wait until the wedding night to consummate their love!

Many of these abstinent celebrity couples believe that holding off on the sexual part of a relationship will bring them closer together emotionally. Others, though, just don’t want to make the entire relationship all about sex! No matter the personal reason behind the decision, these couples did what was right for them. The decision to stay abstinent pre-marriage must have been a good one for most of these celebrity couples since a majority of the pairings on this list are still together! Here are all the celebrity couples who really believed that good things come to those who wait!

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