16 Abstinent Celebrity Couples Who Waited Until Marriage

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici

sean lowe and catherine giudici


PSA: Colton Underwood is not the first “virgin Bachelor” on The Bachelor! Though, Lowe was more of a “born-again virgin” than an actual one. He decided to be celibate after he turned 24, calling it a turning point where he became a man and wanted to live more responsibly. Clearly, this couple didn’t use the Fantasy Suite on the show! But, that didn’t matter. They ended up getting married and, in true Bachelor form, it was televised. Of course, ABC had to have a live stream of the “Honeymoon Suite” the entire time in case we were going to forget these two were going to finally have sex there at the end of the night. Lowe and Giudici are one of the only lasting relationships from the franchise so clearly, the decision to wait was ideal for them!

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