Thank U, Next: All Of The Guys Ariana Grande Once Dated

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Ariana Grande He Wasn't A Match Thank U Next

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Ariana Grande takedowns on social media and times she kept it real AF are things that we could discuss all day. Another thing that people are endlessly curious about is Ariana Grande relationships and ex-boyfriends. We’re intrigued by celebrity relationships in general. But, the Sweetener singer’s baes hold particular interest. You can thank her songs and social media accounts for increasing our interest.

There are some Ariana Grande relationships that are more at the center of our minds than others. It has to do with current history and the number of headlines they racked up. On the flip side, there are some relationships that were more on the down low, or they have faded from our memories. In fact, you might have forgotten completely about some of the singer’s exes. We are here to remind you of all of them. Here are all the guys Ariana Grande has reportedly dated.

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