21 Celebrities Whose Families Hated Their Significant Other

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Patrick Schwarzenegger


In this case, Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, really liked Miley while his mom, Maria Shriver, wasn’t a fan. Sadly, this led to a ton of family drama. A source close to the Schwarzenegger family said: “Miley and Patrick’s relationship is causing a lot of tension in his family. It’s creating a fissure in Arnold and Maria’s already tense relationship — and it’s affecting all of their children.” They also shared that Maria “hates the whole circus that surrounds Miley and it upsets her the Arnold is okay with it.” Maria disliked the singer so much that she actually refused to attend an event after learning that Patrick would be bringing Miley. We’d honestly pay to see her reaction when she learned about their breakup.

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