21 Celebrities Whose Families Hated Their Significant Other

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Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan announced her engagement to Russian entrepreneur Egor Tarabasov on Instagram in 2016, after just four months of dating. However, the two called it quits after getting into a fight. Considering how suspicious Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, was, he must’ve been relieved. He said: “I have no idea [if he’s wealthy]. All I know is my daughter is paying most of the bills and trips were complimentary because of Lindsay’s name. She was a segway for him to live that lifestyle.” But aside from sharing his frustrations over the whirlwind romance, Michael also mentioned that his daughter deserved better. He said: “I wish she’d settle down with a nice, normal, sober guy. Someone who does as much for her as she does for them, and not someone in the entertainment business.”

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