21 Celebrities Whose Families Hated Their Significant Other

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Kylie Jenner


It looks like nearly all of Kris’s daughters fell short in terms of their taste in men – or at least according to Kris. When Kylie Jenner was dating Tyga, Kris believed that he only wanted her for fame and money. Considering how he missed car payments, failed to pay rent and got sued for not returning borrowed jewelry, we’d say that her concerns were valid. One source said: “All she saw was Tyga hanging on to the Kardashian name and making his money off them. Kris wants more for Kylie, and more for Kylie is less of Tyga. Kris would play the part and like Tyga in public forums but it ended behind closed doors.” They dated for about three years and then broke up in 2017.

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