18 Celebrity Friends Who Share the Same Ex

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Following the rules of Girl (and Guy) Code is something that almost all BFF squads take pretty seriously. It’s the not-so-secret code of ethics that keeps friendships alive by spelling out all the do’s and don’t’s. For instance, you have to be transparent with your friends about awful fashion choices and going after a friend’s relative without permission is so not okay. But here’s the one rule that’s often regarded as the most important: Don’t ever go after your friend’s ex. We’ve seen this break even the strongest of friendships in real life, but surprisingly, the same can’t be said for most famous BFFs in Hollywood.

While many of us can’t even imagine dating a friend’s former flame, some celebrities have grown quite comfortable with doing the exact opposite. What’s even more interesting, though, is that many of them stayed friends after they dated the same person. It just goes to show that it is possible for friendships to survive after two people hook up with the same person. That said, we definitely wouldn’t encourage anyone to use this as an excuse to try it with their own friends’ exes…

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