16 CW Costars Who Fell In Love On Set Of Their Show

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Shows on The CW are known for insane drama, ridiculous plot lines, and some of our fave TV couples of all time. The internet ships The CW couples more fervently than basically any network on TV. Fortunately for rabid fans, many of those on-screen couples have fallen in love off-screen as well! We don’t know what’s in the water over there but so many CW costars have hooked up behind the scenes and become real-life couples. From the early days of The CW, when it was bred out of UPN and The WB to today, costars getting together has been a part of the networks DNA.

When you’re working alongside beautiful people all day, it’s hard not to want to get together with a costar. Especially when you’re rehearsing kissing them all day long. But, not all of The CW costars that have gotten together have stayed together. Many of these couples have had short-lived dalliances — then had to work together afterward! There are also some, though, that have gotten together for the long haul, proving costar relationships can work. Here are all of the CW stars who hooked up after meeting on-set!

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