20 Famous Friends Who Fell In Love

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Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber

Friend, fan, what’s the difference? The Cut remembers a time way back in 2009, before Instagram Model was a legitimate career path, when a star-struck Hailey Baldwin met the then-clean cut teen star Justin Bieber backstage at the Today Show thanks to her famous pops, Stephen Baldwin, who did most of the talking while Hails looked embarrassed. Sometime after that, Hailey became a little less awk and managed to ~actually speak~ to her celeb crush, and they began a friendship through the Kardashian/Jenners and their shared love of Hillsong Church. The on-again, off-again couple denied romance rumors with that classic “we’re just best friends” line but finally confirmed a relationship in the first week of 2015. After a rocky road and a few other high-profile relationships, the young couple eloped in 2019.

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